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cPanel forums have been hacked

Dear visitor,

effective immediately, we have moved to our dedicated servers in http://www.brizoma.com/

Please update your bookmarks, since we will not update this site anymore.

See you in BRIZOMA.COM

The cPanel Community forums have been victim to suspicious activity and a potential breach. Their system administrators have re-installed the forums and have enabled a forced password change the next time users login to their account. According to the email they’ve sent to registered users, the root cause of this has been identified and a fix is in place. They are recommending the following precautions:

  1. Update your current password to a secure password.
  2. If that password was not unique to forums.cpanel.net, please update the password on other websites or places that it has been used.

The cPanel Community forums are not tied to any other internal or external systems within cPanel. If you have any specific questions about this, drop their Customer Service team an email at cs@cpanel.net.

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