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Some Tips to improve Agile Testing

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Here are some points to consider for agile testing. Nothing new, just a summary of top points to consider in an agile testing enviroment.

1. Define starting points

Your test starting points must be clearly defined along the testing process. Take starting points into consideration especially in the development stage. For example, developers and testers can include testability points to the existing interfaces, or they can add attributes that can be used for the test procedure.

2. Be flexible

Agile testing bases in the flexibility delivered to the developers. Software development projects are never static: priorities, goals and requirements should always be fluid and may often change throughout the development life cycle. In order to ensure the tests are performed against the latest requirements set, make regular and scheduled evaluation of test priorities during the course of the project.

3. Test early and often

All relevant tests in given project must be carried out comprehensively as early as possible in the  life cycle. Unit tests, functional tests and load tests must be built into project planning from the start. This way, problems can be identified early and be rectified before they turn into blockers of the entire project.

4. Integrate Unit Testing

Unit testing helps developers ensure that the code will actually do what it is designed for and behaves the way it is intended. Unit testing must be integrated into the test management environment as the central step in the process. This increases test coverage, especially in cases where several configurations have to undergo testing.

5. Load test daily

Simple load tests must be present in the daily software build for early detection of performance problems. The best product in the world will be useless if it crashes in the live performance with many users.

6. Automate your testing

Manual testing is tedious, time-consuming and an inefficient process. It wastes time and resources and is error prone. Early test automation in the development process improves test efficiency and eliminates the inaccuracies of manual processes. Additionally, test automation makes regression testing easier.

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