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Ultilex 10.7 released

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Ultilex 10.7 releasedAbout one month ago I wrote about Ultilex, a Live-CD or USB Linux distribution that is actually a meta-distribution. Today I received the announcement, that version 10.7 had been released. Ultilex, the Ultimate Linux Experience, allows you to boot one of the following small distros:

  • Slax: version 6.1.2
  • Puppy Linux: version 5.0.1 (upgraded  from 4.3.1)
  • Tiny Core: version 2.11.6 (upgraded  from 2.4.1)
  • System Rescue CD: version 1.5.8 (upgraded  from 1.3.1)
  • Parted Magic: version 4.11 (upgraded  from 4.5)
  • boot.kernel.org (BKO)

You may notice that:

  • Slax is still version 6.1.2 (customized for better user experience).
  • Dev module was removed from Slax to preserve space.
  • Super GRUB Disk was added as a boot entry.

One interesting feature of ULTILEX is that you can install it with ease on USB flash device and save the changes you’ve made durign the live session on it. You can modify files and even install/remove modules and all your changes are saved on the USB flash.

To install on USB flash device, follow these steps (applied from Slax):

  1. Copy all files and folders from the CD to the root folder of your USB flash device.
  2. Execute “/boot/bootinst.sh” (for Linux), or “\boot\bootinst.bat” (for Windows).
  3. That’s all. You are ready to boot ULTILEX from your USB flash device! 🙂

Download ULTILEX version 10.7  (683MB) | MD5 checksum


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